Worship & Liturgy Organizations

Church Decorating Committee

Plans and implements any changes in the interior of the Church as well as seasonal decorations


Assist celebrant during Mass.

Any parishioner from spring semester of fourth grade or older is welcome.


Prepares worshippers with an atmosphere of hospitality by welcoming everyone at each door of the church. Collect offerings of parishioners. Distribute bulletins and other materials as needed. Insure presence of Offertory Gift Bearers. Any men, women, and youth are most welcome.

Eucharistic Ministers

Assist the celebrant in the distribution of Holy Communion, the Body and/or Blood of Christ at all masses. May bring Communion to parishioners who are sick and/or confined in nursing homes or residences. Pray and visit with the sick.


Proclaim the Word of God at all Masses.

Any parishioner in ninth grade to an adult is strongly encouraged to participate.


Leads the congregation at Mass with hymns, which adds to the solemnity of the celebration.

Any parishioner in sixth grade to adult is welcome.

Guitar Group

Looking for guitarists and singers of any age to lead congregation with hymns.


Looking for any kind of musicians to assist organist at any Mass according to your schedule.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (St. Maurice)
Share the Word (St. Raymond)

Leads the children of the parish in a special Liturgy of the Word during the Mass on Sundays. Pamphlets are used to help children identify with the message for the day.

Ministry of Praise (St. Maurice)

Support parish with prayer, prays as a body Tuesday at 8:15 a.m.

Sponsors telephone prayer chain when someone needs support in sharing a joyful or sad event.

Legion of Mary

A group of parishioners who lead the Rosary before Mass every Saturday and Sunday.

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