St. Maurice/St. Raymond
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Dear Friends,

St. Maurice and St. Raymond Parishes are wonderful communities of followers of Christ who are truly prayerful when worshipping together and genuinely caring and generous toward one another, who live Jesusí commandment: "Love one another as I love you". We are so blessed by God in so many ways that in return we want to share our gifts, our time and talent, and our lives through the Church.

This Guide to Ministries and Organizations is a summary of the so many good things that our people are doing. It is impressive when everything is compiled in one list, with something for everyone. We are truly grateful to all of you who generously give of yourselves, your time and talent, your love and your prayers for the benefit of us all. We hope every parishioner will want to get involved in some way to make our parish even more united and more caring for the needs of all.

Look over the contents. Imagine our Lord asking you to share the gifts which you have. If you are already committed to some of these activities, please recommit yourself to them, but also listen to our Lord who is probably calling you to commit to new ways to service others. If you are not yet sharing your time and talent with your parish, consider the Lordís call and find a way to respond.

Let us all pray for one another and our Parish. Let us all give thanks to God for each other and share ourselves to build up the City of God.

"Wherever there is love, there is God."

In Christ,

Father John Hannigan

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