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Highlights of the 1999-2000 School Year

With donations from the Alumni Association and from individual alumni, St. Maurice School has instituted several new programs and activities. The students have worked various levels of dissecting - organisms studied so far are the dogfish sharks, squid, octopi, and lobsters.

The creatures (5th and 6th) with an octopus.

Microscopic week has also been started. Children have learned about microscope safety and handling. They viewed through various scopes and studied an amphibians blood versus a humans. Two microscopes and slides were donated to the school by Raymond and Bernetta Curvey in memory of their son Kenny.

The school has also produced and performed two plays. One was an original based on the life of St. Maurice. The other was a Christmas musical that stressed the love of Jesus Christ, which was entitled Wish - EM Our music teacher, Kathy Coady, organized and directed the play.

In the winter, the school began a physical education program that emphasizes fitness and activities. Calisthenics, sprints, distance runs, obstacle courses, and weight lifting have all been used. Special games are also incorporated. Each student has two thirty minute PE classes per week.

Vocational studies have been stressed by Fr. Hannigan and the teachers. Father has spoken about his vocation. Other speakers on vocations were: Brother Ed Wagner who spoke on the Perpetual Adoration and the duties of a brother; Seminarian Michael Floreth from Notre Dame University; Sisters M. Beata and M. Anselma from the Franciscan Order of the Martyr St. George.

Other presentations were also given to the students. One on the Civil War was given by Charles Prather, in which he used actual dress and weapons of the era. Jack Doyle spoke on the attack of Pearl Harbor. Karl Schlapfer spoke on the Communist takeover of eastern Europe and the excitement of becoming a US citizen.

During Catholic Schools week, the students had mass, enjoyed a special bowling outing and a trip to Springfield to the Illinois State Museum. The students participated in various hands-on activities, and at the conclusion the children were treated to a pizza and game party.





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