A Message from the Pastor...

We are located about 85 miles south-southeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, at the junction of Missouri Highways 13 and 7. Ours is a pleasant and quiet community. The topography is flat and the living is mostly peaceful.

This apostolate consists of 3 parishes and a school. The largest of the parishes is Holy Rosary in Clinton, MO. Weekend Masses there are at 5:00pm on Saturday and 8:30am on Sunday. Saint Bartholomew is in Windsor, MO., about 20 miles to the north-northeast of Clinton. Sunday Mass there is at 11:00am. Finally, Saint Catherine is in Osceola, MO., about 23 miles due south from Clinton. Mass at Saint Catherine is at 3:00pm on Saturday. The only daily Masses are at Holy Rosary in Clinton, almost always at 8:15am.

The most involved ministry of the parish is a Catholic elementary school with grades Pre-K through 8. I am delighted to tell you that our school is healthy and anxious to welcome any new students. We strive to be thoroughly Catholic in practice though our enrollment is quite ecumenical. In this way the parish has evolved a presence in the wider community that is positive and broad.

The opportunities for social interaction and works of charity in these parishes are many and varied. I believe this website will help clue you in on some of them. Of course, you are welcome to call us at 660-885-4523.

Whatever the nature or duration of your time among us, I believe you will discover, as I have, that the people of these parishes and school are most welcoming. It is a genuine pleasure to find a community as consistently gentle and wise as this one.


In the Lord Jesus,
Msgr. Bradley S. Offutt

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