Sacred Heart Chairpersons or Contact Persons

The following are the leaders of the various organizations listed on the Organizations page. Is it your turn to take a position of leadership in one of these organizations?

Organization Contact Person Phone Number
Acolytes Jim Toeniskoetter 837-1473
Altar Servers Rectory 837-3757
Art and Environment Peggy Gettemeier 521-2849
Archdiocesan Development Appeal Rectory 837-3757
Athletic Committee Bob Cassout 838-0362
Baptism Preparation Rectory 837-3757
Blood Donor Program Debbie Mahaffy 838-9846
Board of Education Tom Jost 837-6661
Business/Community Committee Mary Kay Gladbach 921-5563
Cantors Rosemary Wall 921-8374
Catechumenate Mary Winkelmann 837-3757 x 224
‘Chirp’ Retreat Mary Winkelmann 837-3757 x 224
Christian Service Commission Mark Hendel 831-4112
Cultural Diversity Vern Schlemmer 831-6828
Eucharistic Ministers Richard Bell 838-7425
Family Mentoring Denise Larkin 831-6363
Finance Commission Cleve Tegtmeyer 831-0495
Funeral Luncheons Carol Tegtmeyer 831-0495
Greeters Ministry Jeanne Hubbman 837-9697
Grief Support
837-3757 x 224
Guitar Choir Rich Ampleman 921-2386
Holy Name Society Mark Goldstein 838-2828
Mary K. Gladbach 837-6939
Ladies Guild Annamarie Sullivan 831-7671
Learning Center
Rose Gronemeyer 837-9690
Lectors/Commentators Gary Gaydos 837-1954
Legion of Mary Mary DeWald 831-2691
Life at Sacred Heart

Kathy Wacker 831-0076
Liturgy Commission Rich Ampleman 921-2386
Marriage Preparation Rectory 837-3757 x 224
Natural Family Planning Jeanne Stoll 838-5457
Music Ministry

John Meehan (618) 462-2939
Nocturnal Adoration Marvin Weber 921-3339
Oktoberfest Committee Rectory 837-3757
Organ Choir John Meehan (618) 462-2939
Parish School of Religion
Carl Sommer 579-0135
Prayer Chain Rectory 837-3757
Men Tom Ampleman 838-0773
Ladies Ila Mae Sheehan 837-3653
King's House Phil Foeller 837-2616
Sacred Heart School Lois Vollmer 831-3372
Sacred Heart 50 + Club Mary K. Gladbach 921-5563
Sacred Heart Seniors Social Club Shirley Schwartze 839-0074
Scouting Programs
Boy Scouts Jeff Stalhlhuth 839-4415
Girl Scouts Carol Naes 839-8482
Cub Scouts Doug McCrady 831-1437
Scripute Study Pauline Pearson 831-8032
Small Church Communities Mickey Linck 921-3970
St. Vincent DePaul Society Rectory 837-3757
Sunday Preschool Margie David 838-5816
Technology Committee Steve Arnett 839-9732
Ushers Marvin Weber 921-3339

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